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Entertainment Technology Center Home Page at USC.

The Genoa Group's Soundscape -- song database.

Small Movies provides info on super 8 filmmaking. The graphic links aren't labeled; be adventuresome.

Spirafilm (Updated Link 1/31/00) -- help for independent filmmakers.

Suzy Vaughan Associates, Inc. (Updated Link 1/31/00) specializes in legal clearances. There is some helpful info online here.

BKSTS: The Moving Image Society

The Character Shop -- special effects page.

Cyber Film School: The Ultimate Filmmaking Website -- this is a fabulous resource; a must-see for all.

IMAX Home Page (Unofficial)

SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) -- of particular interest are their Journal Abstracts on various technical subjects.

The Truly Dangerous Company -- check out "Motion Simulators" and "Puppet and Creature FX" under the "Archives" category. Some will be amused by the Crayon-Cam. This site is the work of Trey Stokes.

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